Client Security

There is a growing need for Security technologies and Solutions to provide comprehensive security to today’s enterprise clients and in providing a secure environment.

Encryption Our encryption solutions enable organizations to have: File & Disk System Security

Client Level protection We offer the complete range of solutions in the areas of: Client Firewalls Client VPNs Client level Anti-Virus Solutions

Authentication We have on offer the following comprehensive solutions for securing client authentication: 2-Factor Authentication Solutions 3-Factor Authentication Solutions Digital Certificate Authentication Smart Card Based Authentication Solutions Integrated Logical & Physical Access Solutions

Mobile Device Security Our data protection products render stored information encrypted and unreadable without authorization, thereby preventing attempts to read from memory or storage, through external scans or alternate boot methods. We offer solutions to enable an organisation to scale its hardware horizontally, to handle the increasing load on applications and to prioritize application traffic, in order to use the existing network bandwidth more efficiently.

The two categories of solutions offered are: Bandwidth Management Appliances Application Switches to implement Global Server Load balancing
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