Are your data center needs outgrowing your space and capacity? Are you planning to consolidate data centres or branch office servers? Do you need to increase the speed of application provisioning? Or provide secure virtual application instances on a common Services Oriented Architecture? We can help transform your facility into a next-generation data centre that will accelerate your business.

We offer a broad range of project expertise in data centre solutions. We specialize in planning, designing, engineering, constructing, monitoring and maintaining data centres, computer rooms and server rooms that integrate, 'best-of-breed', critical infrastructure technologies.

The result is an always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable & maintainable data centre environment. The three most important attributes of any good data centre design are high-availability, flexibility, and simplicity...

When you work with us, you get the complete package: years of in-depth market experience; strong, strategic partnerships with key vendors in the data centre space; and the expertise of our technology professionals.

This unique combination of both what we know and our deep industry alliances makes Avi a valuable partner-and adds value to every solution we provide.
So not only do we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to address all of your data centre
needs, we have the flexibility to help in almost every category:

Planning, Design and Sourcing
Reduce power consumption
Lower total cost of ownership
Consolidate hardware and management
Increase security
Reduce floorspace requirements
On site maintenance
Installation and Integration
Increase power and cooling efficiencies
Improve reliability and performance
Improve utilization rates
Optimize service provisioning
Improve return on IT assets
On site Manpower
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