As business data continues to grow exponentially, so does the need to store it. Your company data is too valuable to lose. Whether its client information, financial records legal information, email messages, customer transactions etc., it's important to evaluate your data storage and protection options. We can design a customized solution to help you store, manage, protect, and maintain mission critical information.

We provide comprehensive data storage and data protection solutions drawing on best-of-breed hardware and software from multiple manufacturers. We implement storage solutions for small, medium and enterprise environments. This heterogeneous solution allows for integration and management of data on multiple platforms. The flexibility and functionality gained from an RSI SAN / NAS solution will allow you to reprioritize internal technology initiatives and increase employee and system efficiencies.

Our Storage solutions focus on data availability, integrity, accessibility, manageability and disaster recovery. Our experienced engineers will work with you to implement a solution to store, protect, manage, and mover your data while taking into consideration your growth plans, cost savings and efficiency.

Our engineers are committed to designing high-performance storage solutions to meet your business and IT goals. Regardless of your organizations size, Syndrome has a solution for you.
Storage infrastructure solutions include:
Detailed storage assessments                                   Storage Replication and Virtualization

Data protection audits                                                  Data Recovery

Backup architecture and systems                            Storage Security

Capacity planning                                                           Archive planning, designing, integrating and optimizing

Storage architecture (SAN/NAS/iSCSI), Data migration and Compliance planning, designing, integrating and optimizing
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