Virtualization is a method for concealing the physical attributes of computing resources to simplify the way in which other systems, applications, or users interact with them.

Virtualization can include:
- Hardware and Server Virtualization
- Network and Storage Virtualization
- Desktop Virtualization

With virtualization you can
- Consolidate your data center and servers
- Consolidate your storage resources
- Improve your desktop manageability and security
- Reap the benefits of rapidly provisioning and deploying your applications
- Test new software upgrades, patches and legacy systems in a virtual test lab before 
   deploying to your production environment
- Many virtualization technologies are available to solve any number of problems, but
   none of these technologies look at the data center as a single entity.

Avi brings these technologies together--including hardware, operating system, and network virtualization--to create a complete virtual data center. Our solutions have been designed to work together to deliver applications to users virtually, helping achieve the many benefits of a shared, virtual data center--including lower hardware costs, better availability, and easier maintenance.

With our extensive portfolio of virtualization solutions, we can help you build a resilient infrastructure optimized for cost-effectiveness, simplified management and flexibility.

We have a team of virtualization specialists who can help you leverage complementary approaches for all your virtualization requirements.
Virtual Infrastructure Overview Video
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