AVDS - Automatic Vulnerability Detection System

Automate Your Penetration Testing
AVDS is a network vulnerability assessment appliance for networks of 50 to 200,000 nodes from Beyond Security. It performs an in-depth inspection for security weaknesses that can replace exhaustive penetration testing. With each scan it will automatically find new equipment and services and add them to the inspection schedule. It then tests every node based on its characteristics and records your system's responses.

In a matter of hours and with no network down time or interruption of services AVDS will generate detailed reports specifying network security weaknesses.

Our database of tests is updated daily with the most recently discovered security vulnerabilities. The AVDS database includes over 10,000 known vulnerabilities and the updates include discoveries by our own team and those discovered by corporate and private security teams around the world.

Simple, Fast and Comprehensive
Manual vulnerability assessment is expensive and infrequently done. Assessment software can be time consuming to set up and operate, plagued by high false positive rates and cause network resource issues.

Automated Testing Using AVDS:
Gets your tactical security work done routinely and quickly
Provides the fixes you and your staff need for fast mitigation
Buys you time to focus on security strategy
Automatically scans new equipment, ports and applications
Scales to handle multiple networks, business units, countries
Reduces your patch-work by identifying exactly what is needed
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