Avi has best of the breed products and solutions along with requisite integration skill set for commissioning various networks based on the product portfolio and the type of networking. These solutions can be defined as follows:-
Backbone Network

Backbone network which constitute the back end infrastructure of an organization would require multi- service capabilities to carry voice, data and video over a single backbone using multi service platform. Avi can commission these backbone network using state of art latest technologies like IPMPLS, ATM, Frame Relay, etc.
LAN / WAN Solutions

In the enterprise / corporate environment, Avi is well equipped to cater to the local area as well as wide area networking requirements. By virtue of association with Cisco, Juniper, Procurve, Dlink ect.. Avi has end to end manageable solutions and complete product range to commission LAN / WAN solution.
Access Networking Solutions

Using DSL technology over copper and Ethernet over fiber, Avi has all the requisite products and integration skill set to provide high speed broad band access in the last mile for carriers as well as defence and other institutes which a vast underground copper cable network.
Wireless Networking Solutions

Campus Networking Solutions

CAN is a network spread over a
limited geographical area such as
a University / Large Campus. The
network is likely to link a variety
of campus buildings. A campus
area network is larger than a local
area network but is typically
smaller than a wide area network

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