Veritas Training

Batches:     Full Time Programe (2 Hr Theory + 2 Hr practicales)
Duration:   Volume Manager --- 5 Days
                      Clusters                    --- 5 Days
                      Net Backup             --- 5 Days

Veritas Volume Manager

Sun Storage Concepts
Managing Data
VERITAS Volume Manager Installation
VERITAS Volume Manager Basic Operation
VERITAS Volume Manager Advanced Operations
VERITAS Volume Manager Volume Operations
VERITAS File System Basic Operations
VERITAS Volume Manager Performance Management

Veritas Clusters

VCS Building Blocks
VERITAS Cluster Server
Preparing a Site for VCS Implementation
Installation and Configuration of VCS
Configuring VCS Response to Resource Faults
Cluster Communications
Clustering Applications
Clustering NFS
Configuring Service Group Interactions
Maintaining VERITAS Cluster Server
Training Main Page
Veritas Netbackup

Installing NetBackup
Configuring Storage Devices
Configuring Media
Managing Storage Units
Creating Backup Policies: Attributes, Clients, and Files
Creating Backup Policies: Schedules
Monitoring NetBackup Activity
User-Directed Backups and Archives
Restoring Data
Managing Media and Images
Managing NetBackup Catalogues
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