Application Security

Application Security encompasses the use of software, hardware, and procedures to protect applications from various threats. It's related to the concept of Information Security, which refers to guarding data, information, and information systems from any kind of unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or removal.

We provide the following Application Security Solutions :
Mail Security

We offer the following solutions to secure mail traffic at the Mail Server level: Anti-Virus Protection for commonly used Mail Servers (MS Exchange, Lotus, etc.) Content Filtering at the Mail Server level E-mail Encryption Signing of mails with Digital Certificates SSL VPN Mail
Intranet Security

The proliferation of alternate paths into an organisation, application layer attacks and devastating worms have necessitated perimeter defenses to complement a full range of internal security measures. We offer the most advanced solution, to enforce comprehensive internal network security
Transaction Security

With more business transactions going online, the need for securing such transactions, has become far greater. We have on offer the most reliable, high performance SSL-proven solutions in the area of PKI and SSL VPNs.
Vulnerability Scanners

We have Vulnerability Scanners for
Networks, Databases, OS,
Applications & Websites for
organisations to strengthen their
current network security processes
and procedures to protect against
attacks from both external and
internal threats

Performance Management

We offer solutions to enable an
organisation to scale its hardware
horizontally, to handle the
increasing load on applications and
to prioritize application traffic, in
order to use the existing network
bandwidth more efficiently.
Perimeter Security
Application Security
Client Security
Wireless LAN (WLAN) Security
Identity & Access Management
Security Management
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